BIFMA Certification Kolkata

BIFMA International values, concentrating on the environmental presentation of profitable furniture, have achieved widespread credit and receipt in the bazaar for their limpidity and practical rigor. BIFMA is not-for-profit occupational association for commercial and official furniture producers. From 1973, BIFMA’s part has been to guarantor the growth and purifying of existing and upcoming standards, edify on their significance and request, and interpret their necessary difficulty into more effortlessly understood and applied setups. They also observe the situation of the business, aid as a medium for member collaboration and association; interact with transnational complements, and supporter for controlling conditions which foster price and invention. BIFMA is Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association. It was initiated in 1973 along with an assignment to lead, sponsor, notify and grow ethics for the North American workplace and official equipment manufacturing.

They serve trades which are chiefly betrothed in enterprise, growth, advertising and contentment of workplace and official furniture produces.


In the year 2009, BIFMA produced certification. There are lots of institutions for bifma certification Kolkata. It was originated in 1973 with an assignment to advocate, lead, notify and grow criteria for the North American agency and official equipment industry. They serve trades that are chiefly affianced in plan, growth, advertising and contentment of workplace and established equipment products. Bifma is a not-for-revenue institute that delivers an operative opportunity for memberships to collaborate and cooperate on suitable industry topics.

Bifma testing Kolkata assesses office equipment from an ecological standpoint, allocating with resources and biochemical off-gassing, influence of the produce and industrial procedure on the atmosphere, and even talks about social accountability.

BIFMA is not-for-profit professional connotation for commercial and official furniture builders. It patrons the growth and purifying of values, clarify their significance and claim, and interprets them into more effortlessly unspoken and applied arrangements. It also observers the situation of the business, help as an opportunity for associate collaboration and connotation, interrelate with global corresponding item, and supporter for controlling circumstances which substitute value and novelty.

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