CE Marking Certification Kolkata

CE Mark is introduced to safe guard the European consumers from adverse effects of different products. The European Union is profound to certify that all goods inflowing and cast off in the interior of the Union are such as not to enforce a danger to customers or the surroundings. So CE Marking is required to place the products in European Market.

CE Marking Certification Services

CE certification is required for different product machinery, lifts, medical devices, construction products etc. We provide CE Marking certification in Kolkata.

CE Certification Process

CDG performs it in five phases:

  • Stage One : Of-site Technical Document Assessment.
  • Stage Two : On-site manufacturing process evaluation.
  • Stage Three : CE Mark Technical Construction File Review
  • Stage Four : EC Declaration of Conformity by manufacturer
  • Stage Five : Issuance of CE Certificate & CE labeling on product

Benefits of CE marking

CE Marking is required to export any product to European Market. CE Marking is also required in different tenders. CE marking allows you to sell your product in European Economic Area (EEA). By getting your products CE Marked, you may also find that your product is safer and more reliable; therefore reduce the risk of customer dissatisfaction.
CE Marking

Documents required for CE Marking:

  • Technical Construction File
  • EC Declaration of Conformity
  • Product Test report

Recognition of CE Marking Certificate

CE certificate issued by CDG is acceptable worldwide. We have ISO 17025 complaint laboratory to test and certify the products for CE Marking. So our CE Mark certificate is well recognised in European market also.