ISO 14001:2015 Certification Kolkata

The business owners and the managers of the business should be more aware about their responsibilities towards the environment. This responsibility includes legal and regulatory accountabilities, and also being able to manage and control the risk which is associated with it. All this can be achieved by certifying the business with the essential certificate related to it.

ISO 14001:2015 Certification-Purpose and Benefits

Certification is an important trust building factor in any line of business. Being a business that holds certification of compliance with a certain regulatory or legal requirement means it has more credibility and can be relied upon. Like the ISO 14001 Certification which implies that the organization holding this certification is following the international standards focusing on Environmental Management and the organization’s responsibilities towards it.

What is an ISO Certificate?

ISO stands for the International Organization for Standardization, which is an independent, non-government international standard setting organization. Although it does not provide certification itself, it has laid out guidelines that help external bodies in issuing certificates to organizations that comply with a specific standard’s requirements. The certificate provides a written assurance that the service or product offered meets the requirements of the standard. Like the ISO 14001 Certification in Kolkata, which is provided by several independent external bodies.

What is the Purpose of ISO 14001 Certification?

ISO 14001:2015 creates a framework that an organization can follow and set up an effective environmental management system. It is suitable and can be used by any organization regardless of which sector or line of business it operates in. Getting the ISO 14001 Certification provides an assurance to all of the organization’s internal and external stakeholders that the organization has taken responsibility to manage and improve its environmental impact. Some core elements of the ISO 14001:2015 are listed below. • Establishment of an appropriate environmental policy which is documented and communicated to employees as well as made available to the public.
• A planning phase that covers the environmental aspects of the organization’s activities, the legal requirements, establishment as well as documentation of targets and a program that makes sure those targets are achieved etc.
• Implementation and operation of the environmental management policy.
• Monitoring and corrective action procedures.
• Periodic reviews of the overall environmental management policy.

What are the benefits of ISO 14001 Certification?

Here are some key benefits of ISO 14001 compliance and certification.
• You save costs related to waste management, recycling and consumption.
• Advantage over competitor businesses in getting tenders.
• Effective management of environmental risks.
• Compliance with environmental regulations of the country that the organization is operating in.
• Demonstrates how committed your organization is towards improving the environment.
• Shows that you are a responsible organization that focuses on preserving the environment for future generations.
• Helps reduce insurance cover costs.
Our Expertise in Providing ISO 14001 Certification We are among the external bodies providing ISO 14001 Certification in Kolkata. We are licensed and accredited to issue certification. You can simply follow these steps and apply for certification yourself.
• Provide us with your business information i.e. location, line of business etc. And we will send one of our executives to visit your business premises.
• Our executive will provide you quote after assessing your business activity.
• You will then pay the certification fee and sign the certification agreement.
• Our ISO 14001 Certification auditor will conduct an audit on your business.
• After the audit has been concluded we will be taking the certification decision.
• An ISO 14001:2015 certificate will be awarded to your business.

An ISO 14001 certificate which is provided by us is one amongst the various other certificates our company offers. We at help the business to demonstrate and guide them about the certificates which are necessary for their business. Amongst all of our certificates which are useful to the business one is ISO 14001 certification. This certificate is important for the business to prove their stakeholders, customers, and employees that the business is aware of their obligations towards the environment.

What is ISO 14001?

It is an environmental management system certificate which certifies the businesses that they are aware about their responsibilities towards the environment and are looking to reduce their environmental impact. ISO 14001 certification Kolkata provides the businesses a systematic and process driven methodology to control all those aspects of their business which have a major impact on the environment. This will enhance the company image in front of their stakeholders, employees and customers. Also, it will improve the green credentials of the company within the local community and to the potential investors of the business.

ISO 14001 is the standard of generic management system. It means that this certification is relevant to any organization who seeks to improve and manage the resources more effectively and efficiently such as, the

  • The companies from single-site to multi-national one
  • From low-risk service organizations to high-risk companies
  • Local governments, manufacturing, process and the service industries
  • Sectors of all industries including the public and private
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of the original equipments

The basic principles and methodology of iso 14001 is based on the well-recognized Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle.

  • Plan - It sets the objectives and the processes which are required
  • Do - This includes the implementation of the processes
  • Check - Here, the measuring and monitoring of the processes and report results need to be done
  • Act - This is to take the action to improve the performance of EMS based on the results

What are the benefits we are providing?

The companies used to take the ISO 14001 certification themselves to prove their stakeholders, customers and employees that they are aware of their obligations towards the environment and are trying hard to reduce their environmental impact. Our company offers total service to all types of business to get this certificate with the proper procedure and legislations of the ISO.

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