ISO 22000 Certification Kolkata

To promote a company is not an easy task and marketing it becomes even more challenging. If you have a right source of certification, then the planning that you use for the company’s growth can be really helpful. An ISO certification in the industry of your choice can help you in many ways. It will be also easy for you enter in the new business platform. And this is why you should get the assistance from ISO 22000 certification Kolkata which can cater you with this. Especially in Kolkata market, this can be quite crucial where you have to ensure that company has the right plans in the right fields so that you can push your company in the right direction.

ISO 22000:2018 Certification-Purpose and Benefits

Earning certification can open doors of opportunities for your organization. Your organization automatically appears more credible, trustworthy and it shows how committed your organization is towards improving itself. For example possessing the ISO 22000 Certification, which is related to Food Safety Management, would imply that your organization complies with the standard to identify and control food safety hazards and is responsible.

What is an ISO Certificate?

ISO stands for the International Organization for Standardization, which is an independent, non-government international standard setting organization. Although it does not provide certification itself, it has laid out guidelines that help external bodies in issuing certificates to organizations that comply with a specific standard’s requirements. The certificate provides a written assurance that the service or product offered meets the requirements of the standard. Like the ISO 22000 Certification in Kolkata, which is provided by several independent external bodies.

What is the Purpose of ISO 22000 Certification?

The ISO 22000:2018 provides the guideline to establish a Food Safety Management System. It lays down the requirements that the organization needs to fulfill in order to demonstrate that it possesses the ability to control food safety hazards, making sure that the food is safe to be consumed. The ISO 22000 Certification can be achieved by any organization, regardless of its size or the fact that where in the food chain it falls. Some key elements involved in the ISO 22000:2018 are listed below.

• Involvement of the management team which implies that food safety is not just the job of the quality department but a concern for the top management as well.
• Focus on communication as food safety hazards can become a problem at any stage of the food chain, so an open channel of communication both upstream and downstream is necessary.
• A combination of prerequisite requirements and the Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point (HACCP) to set up an action plan.
• System Management that is effective, designed, operated, updated and integrated within a structured management system.

What are the Benefits of ISO 22000 Certification?

Some major benefits of complying with ISO 22000 are.
• You will be complying with an internationally recognized and harmonized standard for controlling food safety hazards.
• It enables flexibility among organizations throughout the food chain as everything is communicated and organizations cooperate when addressing food safety hazards.
• Creates a platform where food safety management and quality management systems can be integrated within the organization making them more effective.
• It provides a platform where suppliers and customers communicate with each other and management commitment which leads to a continuous improvement in the food safety system.
• Demonstrates how committed an organization is to food safety earning them goodwill.

Our Expertise in Providing ISO 22000 Certification

We are among the external bodies providing ISO 22000 Certification in Kolkata. We are licensed and accredited to issue certification. You can simply follow these steps and apply for certification yourself.
• Provide us with your business information i.e. location, line of business etc. And we will send one of our executives to visit your business premises.
• Our executive will provide you quote after assessing your business activity.
• You will then pay the certification fee and sign the certification agreement.
• Our ISO 22000 Certification auditor will conduct an audit on your business.
• After the audit has been concluded we will be taking the certification decision.
• An ISO 22000:2018 certificate will be awarded to your business.

Know more about the Certification

If you are working in a company that needs to achieve its goal in a right manner, then you need to attract lot of customers. You have to give them an assurance stating that quality is what they will get once they deal with the company. That is why; this unit is an answer for your problem. It helps to meet the cutting edge principals and is a scientific approach that offers safe food products to consumers. We offer the companies certification along with the best training courses. Our team of experts are well qualified and holds years of experience to help people like you achieve the right certificate.

Benefits that you need to know:

If food is not maintained with good hygienic condition it can cause much trouble. That is why ISO has come up with the food safety management standard which helps to understand the food safety consequences one needs to take care. In today’s time, the food products seems to have crossed boundaries and that is the main reason why international standards are set to make sure food supply chain meets all sorts of requirements in a right way. If standards are met in a right manner, then certificate can be achieved. This certification services offered by us is helpful for society, business and government. In this competitive edge technology, this certificate holds a great weight and is responsible for the food chain parties to supply the safe yet quality food to its fellow customers. We are into the field of making the best ISO Certification body in Kolkata or for other city that requires the correct quality management process. Contact us today to get more information about it.

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